My Spanish Taste is a blog with mainly Spanish cuisine based recipes, which I learn every day a bit, and also with travel - inspired recipes. It was created to gather in one place all recipes for meals that I prepare, and also to share them with you.

I'm Polish, so why my interest in Spanish cuisine?. Well, the fact is  that I have been leaving in this country for about 8 years now, at present in Barcelona, but I also lived in Andalusia, Madrid and on Canary Islands. Thanks to that, I can explore the gastronomy of this country in situ.

Apart from cooking, I also like travelling - I'm not only fascinated  by exploring cities, cultures, landscapes and meeting new people, but also by discovering culinary diversity of places I visit. Unknown ingredients and dishes arouse my curiosity and, in many cases, are the source of my new culinary experiments - therefore the category ''inspiration'' which I added to my blog content. 

I guess that like the majority of food bloggers, creating this blog has increased my interest in food photography, has aroused my enthusiasm to possess lots of culinary books and has made me look every day over countless blogs - culinary of course - where I find many interesting and popular - here in Spain - recipes for traditional and modern food which are very often an inspiration to the recipes that I prepare and publish on this site.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I invite you to skim through it, cook and make comments:)


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